Domain Submission Acceptance Policy

* When you list a new ad on Real Cost Domains we place it in a pending cue for review by one of our team members. They check to ensure if everything is formatted properly, follow proper best practices for our listings and check to see if it was a paid upgrade for faster insertion response time. This process usually can take about 1-2 days.

* If you choose to purchase our Featured Domain Marketplace Listings and/or Highlighted Domain Name Ads feature then your domain will usually go live within 12-24 hours after verified payment.

* You agree not to sell a domain or make offers for less than $50.00 USD

* By selling your domain name in our marketplace you are making a binding contract that if we can make a sales connection between buyer and seller, the domain seller will pay a 7% final sales fee for administration cost, listing promotion and safe transfer of domains to the proper parties.

* If using Domain Name Make Offer feature, you may not lease domain.

* Escrow Fees will be covered by the domain seller using

* We Reserve The Right To Deny Any Domain Submission


Best Domain Name Submission Practices & Domaining Policies


- Only submit your domain name title in your ads title area. Please Capitalize Each Major Keyword in the domain title field.

See Example:

- In the ad description you may post traffic history, the correct extension, the domain keywords, 2-3 related keywords of topic relevance, PR ranking, if DMOZ listed ONLY!!  Anything besides that will be either denied or edited by our staff.

See Example: My Search Word .com PR2 1800 google links 550 yahoo links Searching Words

- Add a image related to your domain for free and if we deem it is good enough, it may be displayed in our Random Domain For Sale Site-wide Slider for more free exposure. We only consider top names with a relating non-copyrighted image to get into this area of our site.

- Submit your domains as frequently as you buy & sell them. We always post the latest domain ad postings across our entire site, so stay active to get your ads posted site-wide for free in the Latest Domains Listed area. As new ads are posted the older ones drop off and you move up in position.

What We Don't Want: Only your top domains will be considered.

- 3 word domains unless really great .com or very select .net

- Anything Adult Related in Nature


- Domain Names Over 20 characters Long

- No ( - ) Dashes in Your Domain

- Anything Infringing on a Copyright or Trademark Whatsoever

- No Mistypes will be approved

In general the domain sales on the site will exceed $50 USD . We ask for you to set a reasonable asking price or use a Make Offer feature to get various domain name offers.

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